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The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)


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Is this the Hong Kong that we know?

Is this what should happen in Hong Kong?

Is this your impression of Hong Kong?

Please, spread it around the world now and let more people know about the issue, as this should not have been happened in a city like Hong Kong.

Keeping an eyewitness record of all this.

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Korea’s not all about K-Pop and it’s idols.

I think one of the biggest misconception when new NETs arrive to Korea is that every Korean listens and loves K-Pop.

While that statement may be true for most of the students we have/will encounter(ed), it is not true for those who have known of Korean music long enough and ventured out of the country’s popular music scene.

Korea’s weekly music shows are still flooded with idols since the 2nd generation idol groups made such big splashes overseas. However, though the majority of Koreans are aware of idols, a significant percentage of them don’t listen to their music as well. People reading this may doubt my claim as K-Pop is heard throughout the streets. But slowly, and surely, other music genres are making its way into the airwaves.

The Korean hip hop scene has grown a lot over the past few years. Popular groups like Leessang top the charts with every new release despite limited promotion. You start to hear younger hip hop artists like Dok2 and Beenzino on the streets as you walk by stores.

In Hongdae, the indie scene is big. Being a listener of K-Pop for 10 years, I began listening to indie bands roughly 3-4 years ago. Many of these artists have released popular songs through dramas along with full albums.

I find these genres much more fulfilling with the more and more manufactured sounds of the new idol groups these days. Maybe it’s my taste in music as I age but while I still listen to idol groups (though much more selective), I prefer to follow other artists like Beenzino, Standing Egg, Vanilla Acoustic, Primary, and Bily Acoustie (featured above).

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