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The lousy national job market does not help, either. A report by McKinsey, a consultancy, found that 42% of recent graduates are in jobs that require less than a four-year college education. Some 41% of graduates from the nation’s top colleges could not find jobs in their chosen field; and half of all graduates said they would choose a different major or school.

Chegg, a company that provides online help to students, collaborated the study. Dan Rosensweig, its boss, says that only half of graduates feel prepared for a job in their field, and only 39% of managers feel that students are ready for the workforce. Students often cannot write clearly or organise their time sensibly. Four million jobs are unfilled because jobseekers lack the skills employers need.

Browsing The Economist when I came upon this article.

While I can’t completely agree and disagree with the topic of the article (Arts & Humanities majors don’t pay well), I thought the quoted section just speaks for me.

I, myself, am probably a pretty good example. Graduated with a B.A. in Business Economics (IDK why it isn’t a B.S. considering how other schools give Econ majors a B.S.) but am in Korea teaching English.


But I guess my situation is a little different from most people who are not working related to their major. An upperclassman from my high school who graduated with a degree in Political Science and ended up in banking.

If someone told me to work at an international finance firm directly after graduating with no training, I would’ve definitely been lost. (That’s why internships are needed) Coming from a research-dominant university, my courses consisted mostly of conceptual and theoretical learning. Even if I have gotten an internship my 3rd/4th year, I would’ve entered that position completely clueless. While I believe understanding the “why” is important, the “how” is what’s useful for us in the real world.

And I completely understand why UCI had so many writing requirements for graduation. As for time management… I’m hoping to gain some while I’m teaching in Korea.

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